Federation Commander: Lesser Magellanic Cloud Playtest Pack

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"Captain! The Baduvai ship is firing its mass driver!"

"Lieutenant, bring us around. Weapons, hold fire until you can target neutron beams on his rear starboard shields."

Welcome to the Lesser Magellanic Cloud! Whether you sign up with the Baduvai Imperium, Eneen Protectorates, or one of the other empires in the LMC, your skills will be tested.

This playtest pack includes rules for combat, weapons, systems, terrain, and ships. Included are scenarios to test your skills.

There are cruisers from the Baduvai, Eneen, and Maghadim empires. There are destroyers from the Baduvai, Eneen, Maghadim, Uthiki, and Jumokians for you to fly. There’s even a short essay on tactics to get you started.

This playtest rulebook requires Federation Commander: Academy, Federation Commander Reference Rulebook, or another "entry" rulebook in order to fully use these ship cards. The ship cards are in squadron scale only, but include full-color and low-toner versions.

The rules are not proofread and need testing. Reports should be sent to ADB, Inc., for use in developing a formal product. Some "art" is not included in this playtest package.

Written by Stephen Cole