Federation Commander: Klingon Ship Card Pack #4

Amarillo Design Bureau SKU: ADB4829



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Federation Commander players, you wanted to have more ships for the Klingon Empire and now you have them!

Eight Federation Commander ship cards for the Klingon Empire, including:

  • D7D Drone Battlecruiser
  • E4D Light Drone Corvette
  • E5 Battle Corvette
  • E7D Drone Cruiser
  • F5L Frigate Leader
  • RKL Light Cruiser
  • E4C Light Frigate Leader
  • D6L Command Cruiser

The pack also includes the scenario "Mis-Match" (Klingon and Orion Pirate) and the graphics for the counters. Each ship is presented in high resolution in both fleet scale and squadron scale.

When we first uploaded Klingon Ship Card Pack #4 we accidentally included the D7D and F5L which had been in Klingon Ship Card Pack #3.

Upon discovering this, we included the originally intended D6L and E4C, but went ahead and left the D7D and F5L because somebody who bought Klingon Ship Card Pack #4 might not have bought Klingon Ship Card Pack #3 and it would not be fair to take those two ships away from him.

The pack is only available as an e-pack.