Federation & Empire: The Hurricane

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This is the six-sector version of the classic Federation & Empire Scenario 603 The Hurricane. It originally appeared in three parts in Captain's Log #41, Captain's Log #41 Supplemental File, and Captain's Log #42.

Scenario 603 The Hurricane was one of the scenarios in the Federation & Empire boxed strategic game. It covers the period from the Romulan Invasion of the Federation to the final collapse of the Coalition Offensive at the very gates (well, starbases) of the Federation's capital region. The original scenario was one big thing, but this version (fully updated for all of the expansions) divides the campaign into six sectors (Hydran Front, Kzinti Front, Gorn-Romulan Front, Federation-Romulan front, and two sectors of the Klingon-Federation front. Players can play just one sector for an evening's game, or combine multiple sectors for a weekend of gaming, or spend an entire week on the entire campaign.

Written by Stephen Cole