Fantasy Hero (3rd Edition)




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You've just entered a fantastic world of heroes, adventures, and enchantments — the world of Fantasy Hero. Through these rules, you'll learn how to create a fantasy world and how to create stories set in that world. You and your friends will create heroic characters to star in these stories, and working together, you'll create adventures as gripping as any you've ever read. These adventures will be even more exciting because you, in the guise of your character, will be making the choices, defeating the villains, and rescuing the maidens.

Fantasy Hero is a roleplaying game, where the players create characters and play their roles in a story created by the Game Master. These rules show you how to create characters, how to resolve combat, how to fashion a world, and how to invent stories. Fantasy Hero is a game for many people to play. One person, who's decided to be the Game Master, has to read and understand all of these rules, since he'll be creating the stories and settings and guiding the player-characters through these stories. The players need only create or be given characters to play-but the more they know about Fantasy Hero, the easier it will be for the Game Master to tell his story.

Fantasy Hero uses the Hero System, a consistent set of roleplaying rules that has been used in Champions (superhero roleplaying), Justice Inc. ('20s and '30s roleplaying), and Danger International (modern roleplaying). Characters created in any of these games can play in any of the others as well. The basic rules in each game are the same, though each game has different special rules for its particular genre. Once you've learned to play any one of these games, you'll know how to play them all!

Written by Steve Peterson