Fantasy Gamer #1

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Is it a fantasy, or is it reality? The answer is "yes," with Fantasy Gamer #1 (cover date August-September 1983)! This premiere issue starts the title on the right foot (or centaur hoof, or werewolf claw, or . . .).

In addition to the regular game reviews, news, and letters, this issue features a complete game: "Slasher Flick," by Donald Saxman (designer of Superhero: 2044)! This meaty two-player game pits victims against the Bogeyman in a fight to the death! It's all good tongue-in-cheek fun, but you still might want to play with the lights on.

This issue also includes alternate uses for experience points in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (permitting new abilities for willing heroes); an overview of Origins '83, held in Detroit; a collection of "useless" tables; and more.

Whether you're a fan of old-school gaming or a historian of our hobby, each issue of Fantasy Gamer is the perfect portal to the past!

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Written by Steve Jackson / Aaron Allston / Ronald Pehr / David Ladyman / Steve List / Donald Saxman / Henry Woodbury