European Enemies (4th Edition)

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European Enemies is the latest in the line of villain collections for Champions. Included within are over thirty-five all new never before seen villains, all from various parts of Europe. Both solo villains and villain teams are here wreaking havoc and committing crimes. Every major European country is represented, including some Eastern block supers that walk the fine line between hero and villain. GMs will also find information and suggestions for adventures in Europe and ways to get American heroes to travel across the ocean. Ideas for bringing these villains to the U.S are also provided. Are you getting tired of battling those same old American villains? If so, for a nice change of pace get your heroes ready for the trip across the “big pond” and have them battle some European Enemies!

NOTE TO CUSTOMER: There is a second ZIP file attached to this download. It includes two fictitious letters purported to be in-world explanations for a missing page in the book (which is included as a map in the file), and the many, many errors in the character stats. European Enemies, you might as well know, has a deserved rep as the worst title in the 4E line. Its character sheets are frighteningly buggy, and the characters themselves are ethnically stereotyped to a level that boggles the mind! Fortunately, author Michael Surbrook kindly prepared for you a "Debugged" file with corrected character sheets (using 5E rules) for every villain in the book.

Written by William Tracy