Enemies: The International File (3rd Edition)

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Through some odd twist of fate, a man lies dead at your feet. Now you're holding his detailed confidential file on worldwide criminal activity. Useful? Yes. But deadly! The International File includes Madame Guillotine, Chemi-chameleon, Riplash, Dervish, Fosfiend, Death Knell, and many more! Each of these global nasties is fully illustrated and comes complete with background history, powers, skills, disadvantages and scenario. Study Enemies quickly and carefully, destroying every shred of evidence when you are finished. Otherwise, you'll be finished!

With any luck, this newly-acquired information will keep you one step ahead of the untiring supervillains. But you can count on this file leading into some action-packed adventures for you and your superhero friends. Use this file in good – and hopefully long lasting – health.

Written by Jeff O'Hare