Echoes of Planegea (Planegea)

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Echoes of Planegea at a Glance

  • Prehistoric adventures for Planegea.
  • Delivered as digital content.

The World of Echoes of Planegea

Echoes of Planegea is a series of three digital releases, each about 20 pages long, that support the setting and incorporate everything from small-scale environments to world-spanning quests.

The Secret of Shell Shrine: Out in the grasslands, an abandoned druidic shrine is leaking undeath into the wilderness — but the truth of its power is even more terrible than its necromantic curse!

Voice in the Vaults: Far below the towering walls of Free Citadel, an alien voice calls out in dreams, drawing unsuspecting adventurers into a web of psychic danger from which there may be no escape!

The Arcane Maze: In the frozen heart of the Icehook Peaks, a tortuous path of ice carved long ago seeks to freeze the hearts and minds of those who stumble into its twisting hallways!