EABA Agency



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The world has always gone your way, but you never really felt like a part of it. You got the breaks, got the jobs, got lucky, but you felt like you were on the outside looking in.

And then the accident happened. One in a million, they said. Your chance of surviving, that is. And then the Others contacted you. And they felt Real, and told you how things really are. You are an Agent of Change. The world goes your way because it follows your lead. To a large extent, what you want is what happens.

You are more real than 99.9999% of the population. You survived your accident because you are simply more Real than the accident was. And unless an Agent awakens on their own, unusual events are how they are spotted.

The problem is that other Agents are as Real as you are and have different ideas on how the world should work. With Agents in charge, naturally. But maybe not the way you would prefer. And since you cannot turn your Agency off, there is only one solution for the problem that is you.

You better start running.

Agency is a head trip setting where players start not as low-level characters, but instead as part of the most elite group of beings in the world, Agents. The rest of the world’s population is what Agents refer to as Scenery and with skill and time you can make Scenery do anything you want. And Scenery is incapable of recognizing or understanding the Agents amongst them. What Agents see as years of raids and battles and espionage against enemy strongholds, Scenery sees as a hotly contested Presidential election. If you plummet 20 stories, smash through the roof of a taxi cab and stagger off with nothing more than bruises, Scenery sees a person who got miraculously lucky and crashed through several awnings before a convertible’s soft top broke your fall.

To survive you will have to find a group of Agents with the same beliefs and find safety in numbers, staking out a home territory to influence with your collective Agency. But having been a loner your whole life, being the low-ranked new person in a group whose rules you may chafe against has its own set of problems.

And then there is the larger issue of what Agency actually is and how the world came to be this way.

Agency is a 134-page modern setting for EABA v2, laid out in an old-school format reminiscent of the earliest home-brew rpg settings. But it is still an EABA augmented pdf, with full hyperlinking and dice rolling features.

Written by Greg Porter