Dystopia (4th Edition)

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The World's An Imperfect Place. Lock up one group of supervillains, and another batch springs up, begging to be thrown in prison. The latest volley from the underworld is a group of hired guns called the Coalition. They're making life difficult: razing city blocks, hitting the local banks, tearing down the local jail, taking hostages in the city's central Trade Tower, and the list goes on.

The world's far from perfect, but somewhere, you have to draw the line.

Dystopia contains:

  • A complete description and background of the Coalition, a group of mercenary villains who eagerly mix it up with your heroes… for the right price.
  • Several short adventures that gently integrate the Coalition into a pre-existing campaign.
  • "Dystopia", a fully-detailed adventure foreshadowed by the short adventures.
  • Adventure seeds for continued Coalition operations after the full-length scenarios in this volume are completed.
  • Conversion notes to make this adventure suitable for play with Dark Champions.

Written by Chris Avellone