Dungeon Tiles

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First released in 1980, this play aid was compatible with virtually any of the fantasy roleplaying games on the market. It helped players visualize what they saw when venturing into a dungeon.

Dungeon Tiles allows a gamemaster to display the dungeon for the players as they travel through it. The gamemaster can now show players the rooms and corridors as they traverse them, and show only those portions which the adventurers would actually be able to see.

This PDF includes 72 full-color, 2½" square images of pieces which represent corridors, spiral staircases, corners, stairways, rooms, curved stairways, and six larger rooms which will beautifully complement your fantasy figures. (These pieces will need to be printed from the PDF and cut out.) Also included are 108 half-inch images which represent doors, treasure chests, urns, chairs, etc. (Again, these will need to be printed and cut out.) The PDF also includes images representing beds, tables, and ladders, and instructions on how to use these with many of your favorite roleplaying games.