Dragon Heresy Introductory Set

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In the Dragon Heresy Introductory Set PDF, King Krail of Torengar calls you to rid the border marches of Tanalor of fell beasts, unwholesome fae, and the remnants of the ancient dragon empire. Alongside friends and rivals, carve out your legend and your jarldom in the wild lands north of civilization, seeking fortune and glory worthy of skalds retelling.

You will find everything required to create your hero, play the game, and challenge fearsome foes in this single volume, which covers from Level 1–5.

Venture forth under the eyes of the Aesir. Put your skill, strength, and sacred honor to the test. Find horror and death, or rise to take your place among the jarls of Torengar.

Go forth and stake your claim. Your saga starts here.

What's in the Book?

The Dragon Heresy Introductory Set is a fully playable game, covering character creation, adventuring, combat, gear, and challenges. In the book you will find:

  • Norse-inspired culture, cosmology, and mythology
  • Deadly and tactically interesting combat
  • Rules and options to bring Viking-style martial combat to the Fifth Edition of the world’s most popular Fantasy RPG, with both tactical and narrative tools

The book is 288 pages in glorious full-color, with major sections for

  • Character creation – including races, classes, backgrounds, and equipment
  • Core Mechanics – what’s the same, and what’s different, from the usual Fifth Edition rules
  • Running the Game – example rules for survival and overland travel in a hostile wilderness, risks and rewards, a random treasure generation table suitable for the levels in the book
  • Combat – all you need to live and die by violence, including melee weapons, new rules for shield use, grappling rules that don’t suck, and more. Fights are not driven by attrition, integrating morale
  • and the potential for sudden incapacitation
  • Injury, Rest, and HealingDragon Heresy differentiates strongly between wounds, vigor, and exhaustion to make resting vs. healing a meaningful distinction.
  • Spellcasting and Spell Lists from spell level 1–3
  • A brief introduction to the Norse-inspired world of Etera
  • Over 100 monsters custom-modified and rewritten to suit the mythology and cosmology of the Nine Realms

The game and contents are geared toward exciting play in these early levels. The "Introductory Set" get the players and GM acquainted with the new axes of engagement enabled by the new mechanics, and will be supported by future releases.

Written by Douglas H. Cole