d-Infinity Volume #2: Lost Treasure

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Highlights of this edition of d∞ include the "lost interview" with D&D creator Gary Gygax, a complete self-standing card game, and more than a dozen other great items!

d∞ ("d-Infinity") is a multi-platform gaming supplement that covers a wide variety of rules systems and includes content that can be universally applied to many different sorts of table-top, live-action, and role-playing games. It is jointly published by Armorcast, Dark Threads, Flying Buffalo Inc., Mindgame Productions, OffWorld Designs Inc., Skirmisher Publishing LLC, and the United States Interplanetary Marine Corps.

Features of each volume include a self-standing game; new rules, stats, and bonus content tying in with several different game systems new rules; free paper miniatures; interviews with the luminaries of the gaming industry; and more! Rules systems supported include but are not limited to 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, OGL v.3.5, "Basic" system, Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, and Cthulhu Live.

Volume #2 Contents

  • Editorial: Lost Treasure
  • Compost Heap (Self-Standing Card Game )
  • Interview: D&D Creator and Gamer Gary Gygax
  • Digital Dice: Character Generators
  • The Prop Room: Treasure on the Cheap
  • Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition: Magic of the Old West
  • City Builder/The City and Island of Kos: The Byzantine Bank
  • Character Caricatures: Twelve Treasure Hunters
  • Basic System: Materials of Ancient Empires
  • Basic System: New Golems of the Labyrinth
  • Basic System: Six Alchemist Spells
  • OGL System: Cooper's Corrected Summon Monster IV
  • Reader Survey
  • Pathfinder System: "Steampunk Archaeologist" Prestige Class
  • Pathfinder System: Finders of Fortune (Three Treasure-Seeking Prestige Classes)
  • 4th Edition D&D: Mysterious Relics
  • Publishing Licenses
  • Pass in Review
  • Cardstock Characters

The most enjoyable gaming periodicals are not just devoted to single games or even the products of a single company, but also include content that makes a reader interested in other games, material that can be applied to all or many sorts of games, and items that are self-standing and which can be played on their own. For that reason, this publication includes many voices and exclusive material compatible with many rules systems and the products of many different companies.

Written by Lindsey Bard / Pat Ewick / Lee Garvin / Brendan Cass / Jim Clunie / William T. Thrasher / John Cooper / Derek Holland / Tim Ewick / Wally Kendall / Michael O. Varhola