Cyberpunk: The Bonin Horse

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32 pages


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From the cold depths of the Pacific Ocean . . .

Awakened at 5:56 am, Saburo Arasaka is very angry. A submarine of his, the Eel, vanished at approximately 5:47 this morning. The submarine carrying Project 5.

By 6:15, Arasaka has bought out an entire company International Defense Alliance because it owns the Sentinel, the submersible closest to the Eel's last known location.

By 6:24 your cyberpunks are on the Sentinel, and already descending into the Bonin Trench. They must recover Project 5. They don't know what's down there, waiting for them. They will know soon.

Very soon.

The Bonin Horse is a Cyberpunk 2020 technothriller, featuring:

  • Flexible entrances: Player characters may be Arasaka special operatives, crewmembers of a submarine-for-hire, or even stowaways.
  • A new and dangerous adventuring environment: The deep ocean.
  • Relentless pacing: A story of non-stop, heart-pounding action.
Written by Eric Heisserer