Cyberpunk: Streetfighting

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64 pages


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Seven Action-Oriented Mini-Adventures for Cyberpunk 2020

Full-Auto Action!

Slicing and dicing, hacking and slashing . . . there are times when you're riding high on the edge of cyberpsychosis, and you've just gotta let off some steam . . . or you've just picked up a hot new assault rifle, and the practice range isn't exciting enough a place to try it out . . . or you're just looking for a night on the town with a little more punch than you can find at a cocktail party. Well, the typical cocktail party.

Turn to Streetfighting, and let it all out, full-auto. Heavy on hardware and action, with plenty of surprises to keep you on your toes there's something for everyone. Fun for players. And for the referee, this is an invaluable supplement. Your players stray off the course on the adventure you planned? Roll with it, and nab something from Streetfighting to keep 'em busy while you update the game plan. Or, just sitting around, looking for a couple distractions? Play a couple of these, and it'll tide you over and probably give the player characters a few new enemies (maybe even some friends), to inspire future adventures.

Written by Andrew Borelli / Woody Eblom / Thomas Kane / Brian Perry / Jonathan Tweet