Cyberpunk: All Fall Down

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32 pages


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Raze leans over toward you. The nomad's cold, suicidal demeanor is somehow different.

"Here," he says, "This is the camp. This is why we peddle drugs. This is why we steal. This town was a suburban area until 1997. That's when the storms started … This is all that's left." Raze lowers his head into his hands for a moment, then continues:

"Okay. well, that's said. Now, it seems to me we've got some hell to raise. Are you ready to rock?"


It starts as a fast-euro job in the rebuilt city of Las Vegas. Your only concern is how to spend the money and avoid the ever-present James Gang, a group of rednecks right from the old celluloid. Just a couple months of gambling, parties, and low-blood thrills.

Then the word breaks – Corporate Civil War – and you are caught right in the middle.

Written by Andrew Borelli