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It is better to be the lesser of two evils.

Eons before recorded history, the supposedly final battle between Good and Evil was fought. Evil made its final stand here . . . and lost.

Evil was locked away for all eternity, and Good, its work done, vanished to dimensions unknown.

But, eternity is a very long time, and nothing lasts forever.

Things are oozing out of their eternal Prison. Most of humanity is Blind to them, unable or unwilling to recognize the Evil in its midst.

But you have the Sight. You are part of the Brotherhood, fighting since the time of Gilgamesh to keep Evil in its Prison.

A war without end, fought in secret in broad daylight.

It is your penance, your burden. For you, with your trace of Good, were the first to escape the Prison, and it is now your job to keep everyone else in . . .

Code:Black is 170 pages of knock-your-socks-off modern horror, a complete campaign setting for EABA or source material for any other RPG you are using. The Code:Black universe weaves together virtually every modern horror thread. Ancient gods, aliens, evil cults, vampires, secret societies, government agencies, religion, sorcery, the works. And all with the internal consistency and attention to detail you expect from a BTRC product.

Advisory - Code:Black is a dark gameworld that deals with mature themes and flawed heroes. If that isn't suitable for your gaming group, think twice before buying it . . .

Written by Greg Porter