City of Clocks

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The City of Clocks is a shining beacon of civilization in a world long left to the wild, once home to the ancient races known as the Luminaries and still studded with their bizarre and unknowable technology. It is home to a teeming throng of two million souls; most are human but the City is also home to Constructs, ancient servants of the long-dead Luminaries; Geks, insectoid savants; and Sentenni, desert dwellers who claim a common heritage with humanity. Each of these races bring their own stories and history to the City. Home to all walks of life, from the obscenely rich to the horrifyingly poor, the city is a bastion of culture, art, science, knowledge, and freedom -- or so the propaganda of the Parliament would have you believe. The truth is very different.

The Houses scheme and plot, seeking to tighten their grip. The Cassini have little birds everywhere, while the Constantines raise themselves above the fray. House Kuro maintains the engines of industry, while bearing a terrible secret. House Maganti slithers its way into every intrigue and plot. House Nix control the storehouses of the City -- and decides who eats. House Orissus control the triggers of the military, and House Stark fight for the highest bidder. House Sto, foreign mystics, know the secrets of the world, while House Velveda, the hedonists, offer every vice imaginable -- and some unimaginable.

While the Houses fight for power and money, the Factions struggle for the hearts and minds of the City. The Agrarians follow the Old Ways and feed the people. The Cabal are a shadowy compact who spread terror and fear. The Clergy are the overseers of the faith in the City, and do so with an iron fist. The Construct Rights League fights for the liberty of all Constructs, but not all agree with their aims. The Emotes promote art and culture, but often anger the wrong people. The Engineers devote themselves to science and technology, especially that of the mysterious Luminaries. The Librarians devote themselves to knowledge, but sometimes things are better left unknown. The Mercantiles control the flow of money, for a price. The Mortists bury the dead -- and sometimes bring them back, while the Soldat are the backbone of the military, but fight for themselves.

The Luminaries may be gone, but their legacy remains, both in their technology and in the very blood of man. A seed of power has awakened in humanity, giving a chosen few strange and eerie powers. These Incarna have the terrible gifts that may upset the balance of power in the City forever. The Incarna Heresy, as it is known, threatens to topple the autocrats in the Parliament and usher in a new age of freedom, change, and justice.

A little power can be a dangerous thing. In the City of Clocks, power is currency, and those who want it will do anything to get it.


Written by James Knevitt