City Builder Volume 3: Entertainment Places

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City Builder Volume 3: Entertainment Places is the third in a series of 11 complementary books designed to help guide Game Masters through the process of creating compelling and exciting urban areas and places within them for their campaigns. It is not specific to any particular game setting and is designed to be compatible with the needs of any ancient, Dark Ages, Middle Ages, Renaissance, or fantasy milieu.

Contents of this book include:

  • An Introduction that describes the scope of the series and how to use the material in this volume;
  • Individual sections devoted to descriptions of Carnivals, Menageries, Museums, Parks, and Theaters; and
  • One or more Adventure Hooks tying in with each described sort of place.

This download includes both low-resolution screen-friendly and high-resolution printer-friendly versions of the book and its cover surfaces.

Written by Michael J. Varhola / Jim Clunie