Character Foundry

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The time comes in the life of every campaign world when the Game Master runs out of ideas. One of the most common is while trying to come up with semi-interesting NPCs to interact with the players. Since most GMs are sleep deprived, frustration is never a good thing and always too close at hand. The Character Foundry contains both fleshed out ideas and "sparks" to spark your own creativity and give you a helpful push in the right direction. Based on decades of professional experience designing role-playing games and worlds, this book strives not just to list some characters and personalities, but instead to teach you how to develop the sparks on your own. This is another of Board Enterprises' Simple and Sane supplements that gives you what you need to work and teaches you how to expand it on your own. Keep your imagination fired, while we give you ideas and pointers on how to generate your own ideas with a lot less wear and tear on your mind. Players will be happier, and you as the game master will be happier and more rested.

This supplement contains:

  • dozens of fully formed character ideas
  • random charts for personality and physical attributes
  • pointers on minor NPCs, major NPCs, and even PCs
  • 20 pages of content plus charts, etc.

Written by John Josten