Character Collection 2 - Rookies

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Zero-to Hero?

Every story has a beginning. This second Character Collection volume contains 40 starting characters for Steve Jackson Games' The Fantasy Trip.

Featuring individuals ranging from 30–33 points, Rookies all have one thing in common: inexperience. Perhaps they're worthy town-folk; maybe they're about to embark on a (short?) life of wandering, violence, and looting.

Each Rookie has enough background to provide personality and motivation, but with plenty of room to tailor them to any campaign.

Grab them for foes in a random encounter, as hirelings for a pressing need, or as starting characters... they may not be mighty yet, but you have to start somewhere!

Gaming Ballistic is the only third-party publisher with a licence to publish for both The Fantasy Trip and the Dungeon Fantasy RPG.

Written by Douglas H. Cole