Chaos Effect: Godlike

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Chaos Effects is a new line of roleplaying game supplements that offers guidelines for integrating major story events into superheroic adventure campaigns. Chaos Effects are not system-dependent. Each supplement can easily be dropped into any standard superhero game. As a result, the supplements are somewhat light in the way of rules information. The story, not the gaming system, is the focus of Chaos Effects.

Godlike is a Chaos Effects supplement introducing a major story event that greatly enhances a character's super-abilities, with sobering consequences. In the early stages of the arc, the character appears to be in control of her new powers, or at the very least, capable of learning control, but as time wears on, the situation worsens. The character's newfound abilities affect such profound change in her that her allies, even her closest friends, may no longer recognize her. As her powers continue to grow, her self-control dwindles, and her very humanity suffers. When, in a fit of madness, she steps over the line, using her newfound powers to commit some heinous crime, the other characters must decide whether their teammate is capable (or even worthy) of redemption.

Written by Leon Collins II