Cardboard Heroes: Set 18 – Car Warriors

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Digital Cardboard Heroes! Classically illustrated full-color figures, ready for any adventure. Print one sheet, or thousands!

Cardboard Heroes sets bring the often-requested reprint of the classic Cardboard Heroes figures to the digital format. Each beautifully drawn character, in the 28mm scale, is formatted to stand on its own (using the handy folding system); each is made with two illustrations – front and back – so it's easy to know what direction it's facing.

Cardboard Heroes: Set 18 – Car Warriors features 36 duellists, bikers, MONDOs, troopers, and the dregs of future society, for your autoduelling campaign. From knights in shining armor to punk bikers with destruction on their minds, these figures provide for a full array of encounters, for GURPS Autoduel or any other present or near-future setting. This set comes with the three sheets of Car Warriors figures as originally published, as well as a printer-friendly single-page version.

Written by Denis Loubet