Caravan to Tiern

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You've enjoyed your stay in Esturiat, the sprawling adobe metropolis surrounding the only watering hole for leagues in any direction. It's been diverting, but Esturiat is no Khazan or Khosht, or even Gull. It's time to move on especially because no one's started bothering you about your bar tabs and Tiern sounds like the perfect place to travel toward.

The only difficulty with making that little sojourn is that it lies across the Great Plain of Bijouwar. Normally that wouldn't daunt an adventurer like you, but the Rararadin are rumored to have begun raiding again. And the fact that the trail will take you through the Shamishant mountain pass and through the haunted hills of the Sham Jebel wouldn't concern you under normal circumstances. Still, the combination of Rararadin raiders and desert magicks is enough to cause even the most hardened warrior a nightmare or two.

You find a simple solution to this problem. There's a caravan heading out for Tiern and they'd love to have you along. After all, no one will attack an armed caravan

Or will they?

This might not be as easy as it seems . . .

This solitaire adventure is suitable for individual humanoid characters of any level, with no more than 72 personal adds. A magic matrix is included.

Caravan to Tiern is Solitaire Adventure #22 designed for use with the Tunnels & Trolls game system. You will need the T&T rules to play this game.

Written by Andrea Mills