Car Wars - Muskogee Mayhem

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They're Not Just Clowning Around!

"Pistol" Pete Hendricks welcomes you to the Muskogee Fairground and Family Emporium, eastern Oklahoma's premier tourist attraction! There's something for everyone here:

Racing and duelling fans come to the Fairground Racetrack, the largest independent track in North America. You've seen them on MuskogeeVision – now experience the power of gas-engine racing for yourself!

You're into obstacle racing? You're in luck – the Fairground has the world's first themed ob-race, "Great Moments in Oklahoma History."

Want a place to bring the family? The Family Emporium has everything from twin Ferris wheels and a carousel to the Big Green Monster roller coaster to the Virtual Arena™, where autoduellists can face hazards beyond anything the real world can offer. "Pistol" Pete's restaurants are the best in the state, and the dance floor is open every night.

Of course, you may also find bandits, thieves, screaming mothers-in-law, homicidal hitchhikers, cycle gangs, ARFs, and killer clowns . . . but we did say Muskogee had something for everyone.

Muskogee Mayhem is a Car Wars adventure pack, consisting of a 24-page rulebook, 88 full-color vehicle counters, and four 21" × 32" maps that fit together to form a giant 42" × 64" racetrack/duelling arena. It is not a stand-alone game; you will need either Car Wars Compendium and some pedestrian counters (we recommend Car Wars Expansion Set 2) or Deluxe Car Wars to play.

The supplement was originally printed on oversized paper, so this PDF contains two formats: the original size, for those with access to oversize printers, and modified versions that span multiple regular sheets.

Written by Creede Lambard