Car Wars Military Vehicle Guide

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71-page PDF


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The Big Guns

If you liked the military gadgets in Uncle Al's Catalog from Hell – or if you went whole-hog and bought Car Wars Tanks – here's the book you've been waiting for.

The Military Vehicle Guide contains over 80 different military vehicles and variants – tanks, armored cars, helicopters and other aircraft, and more.

And it includes over 150 different full-color Car Wars counters. Each counter includes the wrecked vehicle on the back. For the most-used vehicles, there are several counters – so you can create your own realistic military force.

There's also a description of the new Central Missouri Commercial Combat Zone, located in and around old Fort Leonard Wood, where national forces, mercenaries, and even corporate armies slug it out for the TV audience.

This is a Car Wars supplement. You need Car Wars and either Uncle Al's Catalog from Hell or Car Wars Tanks to play.

Written by Craig Sheeley