Car Wars Expansion Set 8 - Chopper Challenge

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38-page PDF


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You have a tricked-out helicopter, ready for action. Now, how much mayhem can you cause with it? Fire up the rotors and find out! Car Wars Expansion Set 8 – Chopper Challenge includes:

  • 19 full-color counters – helicopters, "grasshoppers," pedestrians, and wrecks.
  • Two color 21" × 32" wilderness maps.
  • Five scenarios to get you off the ground!

You need the Car Wars Deluxe Edition to play Chopper Challenge. You can also use this set if you have the helicopter rules from elsewhere (such as the Car Wars Compendium) and/or the off-road rules from The AADA Vehicle Guide.

The supplement was originally printed on oversized paper, so this PDF contains two formats: the original size, for those with access to oversize printers, and modified versions that span multiple regular sheets.

Written by Scott Haring