Car Wars Combat Showcase

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The Latest and the Greatest

Vehicle manufacturers from across the world meet at the National Fair of Texas to exhibit their latest designs at the Combat Showcase! Thousands of autoduelling fans saw the cutting edge of automotive technology in person at the National Fair, but folks who couldn't make the trip were out of luck – until now.

This commemorative book captures the glamour, excitement, and most important, the vehicle designs of the 2037 Combat Showcase. See –

  • 103 new, innovative design ideas for cars, cycles, trikes, and trailers!
  • Designs of the actual vehicles used in the AADA 2036 World Championship Tournament, plus comments from the participants and an interview with the World Champion!
  • The Lone Star Limo – Texas President Duke Buchanan's personal vehicle!
  • And each vehicle is presented in schematic form – ready for play, with all the information you need at your fingertips. Just pick a design, and go!

Written by David Ladyman / Martha Ladyman