Captain's Log #9

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This 80-page 1991 edition moved the product further toward the current format. This issue is the only one that ever had a "theme"– causing a hundred people to ask, every time we do another issue, what the new issue's theme is. The fiction story GHOSTLIGHT (about a Federation fighter squadron) came along with an SFB scenario and a "behind the scenes" write-up, in game terms, of what was going on. The idea was to show writers how to make game counters, rules, and hexes into exciting stories. This issue also included the first-ever "class history" article (about Federation carriers).

Also included for SFB are:

  • eight more scenarios
  • four new carriers
  • an example of Federation escort storage
  • a lot of articles about the Doomsday rulebook with designer's notes on the changes made and why
  • proposals board
  • 900-point carrier group battle forces
  • and Ask Kommodore Ketrick rules questions.

The SFB tactics section includes:

  • the Tactics Board
  • the largest selection of term papers published to date
  • Victory at Origins 1988
  • Ask Uncle Ardak
  • and Flights vs. Fighters.

The Federation & Empire section includes:

  • new ships
  • Q&A
  • an example of carriers in combat
  • Kzinti Carrier Tactics
  • Tactical Notes (the largest section to date)
  • commentaries on the DF&E edition
  • preview rules for future products
  • the Four Powers War scenario
  • and designer's notes for the new DF&E fighter rules.

The original printed issue included a generic space map which is not included in the PDF copy (which is priced accordingly).

Written by Stephen Cole