Captain's Log #7

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This 1989 issue includes the fiction story WHAT PRICE VICTORY? about a battle between the Yorktown and the Klingon cruiser Pitiless.

Also included are:

  • Five new scenarios
  • Four new ships (Federation BCH, Hydran Apache, Klingon MD5 mauler, Lyran Single-Tooth Jaguar mauler)
  • Input Guide
  • Why
  • The first and only trivia contest
  • An Example
  • The first Battleforce 500 article
  • The Academy
  • Ask Uncle Ardak
  • Tactics
  • And the original version of the SFU Index.

The F&E Section includes:

  • Q&A
  • The Molasses Attack
  • And a new F&E scenario.

48 pages.

Written by Stephen Cole