Captain's Log #52 Color SSDs

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The SSDs from Captain's Log #52 are now available in color. Check out these ships:

New ships for Star Fleet Battles include some general ships: Jumbo Armed-Freighter, Heavy Armed-Freighter, and Smasher Large Security Skiff; Romulan FarHawk-E Division Control Ship, FarHawk-C Heavy Scout Cruiser, GryphonHawk-J Heavy Assault Cruiser, GryphonHawk-C Heavy War Scout Cruiser, Workboat, Survey Boat, and Recovery Boat; Orion GhostHawk, Lyran Local Defense Light Cruiser, Local Defense Destroyer, and Panther-T Light Transport Tug; Seltorian Advanced Technology Light Cruiser; and some Omega ships: Kholigahr Early Command Cruiser, Trobrin Early Command Cruiser, and Zosman Fence Cruiser and Syndicate Base.

Federation Commander gets a Free tanker and commando cruisers for the Klingons (D6G), Romulans (Commando Eagle), and Federation.

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet gets WYN 100-class Frigate (Kzinti-built) and Mako-class War Destroyer, Federation Mars-class Battleship, and Klingon SD7 Warhatchet-class Strike Cruiser.

Starmada gets the Federation Eagle-class Fast Cruiser and Texas-class Light Cruiser and Klingon D5W Soulkiller-class Battlecruiser and F5 Fury-class Frigate.