Captain's Log #48 Color SSDs

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The SSDs from Captain's Log #48 are now available in color. Check out these ships:

New ships for Star Fleet Battles: Federation new survey carrier, escort battle frigate-R, limited aegis escort battle frigate-R, and Ranger-class battlecruiser; Romulan SeaHawk-F forward carrier; Tholian pocket battleship; Lyran Running Lion quick dreadnought; Paravian area control ship and war scout carrier; Carnivon area control ship and war scout carrier; and Jumokian Resistance Pirate new light cruiser and new frigate.

New ships for Federation Commander: Carnivon heavy cruiser and war destroyer and the Paravian heavy cruiser and war destroyer.

New ships for Starmada (these are B&W): Federation Two-Moons-class DDF, Gorn Dragonscale-class CLE, Klingon E5D drone corvette, Romulan K7R-class BC, LDR JagdPanther-class CL, Lyran JagdPanther-class CL, and Kzinti Pegasus-class DD.