Captain's Log #47

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Lester, on the other hand, had been a seat-of-the-pants kind of captain. The job was done, the victims were rescued, the pirates were captured, the cargo was delivered on time, the citizens were served, and if that required bending or ignoring a few rules and protocols and regulations, well there were always those "exigencies of the situation" to protect Lester from retaliation.

Released in 2013, this Captain's Log issue supports Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, and Federation & Empire. "Into the Eagle's Nest" by Clint Woodall focuses on a Federation Police Cutter assigned to stop a transport that is defecting to the Romulans with an important prototype.

The rest of the History section includes a story about Targis Ketrick and his attempt to return to the Klingon Empire, an article about the Maesron Alliance in the Omega Octant, and deck plans for the third deck of a Federation Police Cutter.

As is usual, Communications is designed to inform readers about the company's activities. After Action reports are on Federation Commander: Reinforcements Attack, Starmada Nova books, Star Fleet Marines: Last Stand, and Captain's Log #47. The Input Guide is designed to help writers and other people submitting material get their ideas into print. More "Why" questions get answered. Jean Sexton answers questions about her plans in Texas. This section is rounded out with staff awards and other information about the company's plans.

Federation Commander has information on plans for the future, a tactics article on dealing with drones, information about how to create a historically accurate fleet, and information about playing on line or by email. There are battlegroups with tactics for facing one of four monsters. Finally, there are Command Notes and three new scenarios.

This issue includes five scenarios for Star Fleet Battles. SL322 is the scenario for the opening story. SL323 Securing a Hive has Seltorians facing Seltorians. SL324 Pride, Arrogance, and a Fall has a Federation Police squadron facing an Orion pirate force. SL325 They Are Only Sheep! is a solo adventure. SL326 Help Is Where You Find It has Andromedans facing a Hydran ship and a Klingon ship.

The Star Fleet Battles tactics group has 19 battle groups (including one from the Fralli with 550 administrative shuttles) with up to 550 points of ships facing off against various monsters. The Triangulum primer focuses on the Arachnids. There is a page of Term Papers. To complete the section there is the 2012 Platinum Victory article by Paul Scott.

Database articles include an article on star sheep. There are guidelines to convert Inter-Stellar Concordium ships to Gorn technology and vice versa. There are also rules to convert ISC ships to Romulan technology and vice versa. There are five pages of Ask Admiral Vanaxilth. The section is rounded out with proposals, updates to general Frax units, and answers to background questions.

The Venues include Star Fleet Warlord, SFB Online, Play by E-Mail, Star Fleet Battle Force, Prime Directive, Starmada, Star Fleet Marines, and Galactic Conquest.

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet has an article on how to play the game, a page of Call-Out Notes, four new ships, and a look at how the various refits affected the Constitution-Class Heavy Cruiser.

Federation & Empire gets its own proposals, Q&A, and "Why" questions. There is a page of Tactical Notes. There are draft rules for including the Vudar in F&E along with scenarios.

New ships include Federation Police Cutter variants: Scout Cutter, Commando Cutter, Drone Cutter, Escort Cutter, and Aegis Escort Cutter. Other new ships include the Federation New Light Plasma Cruiser and Plasma War Destroyer, Romulan KC5 Light Dreadnought and KC10 Heavy Dreadnought, Seltorian Hive Cargo Hauler and Nest Cargo Hauler, and Vudar Scout Frigate and Theater Transport Frigate.

Supports Federation Commander, Star Fleet Battles, Federation & Empire, Prime Directive, Star Fleet Battle Force, SFB Galactic Conquest, Starmada, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Star Fleet Marines, and Star Fleet Warlord.

The colorized SSDs from this issue are sold separately; the Supplemental File (which includes background information) is free.