Captain's Log #46 Color SSDs

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The SSDs from Captain's Log #46 are now available in color. Check out these ships:

New ships for Star Fleet Battles: Lyran Panther-V light carrier, Panther-E light escort cruiser, Panther-S light scout cruiser, Panther-G light commando cruiser; Klingon C10A dreadnought and C5A light stasis dreadnought; Federation DDX(2) advanced destroyer; Kzinti picket carrier; Qari T74 commando war cruiser and T75 war cruiser minesweeper; and LDR transport frigate and war destroyer transport.

New ships for Federation Commander: Romulan SkyHawk-L destroyer leader, Hydran Lion Hunter war destroyer leader, Lyran Alleycat war destroyer leader, and ISC destroyer leader.

New ships for Starmada: Federation battleship and Klingon B10 battleship.