Captain's Log #43 Color SSDs

Amarillo Design Bureau SKU: ADB5743-3C



Available Now!

The SSDs from Captain's Log #43 are now available in color. Check out these ships:

New ships for Star Fleet Battles: The Federation new fast escort cruiser and fast destroyer escort, Hydran Heavy Knight Destroyer, Inter-Stellar Concordium transport frigate and space control pods, and Barbarian battleship.

New ships for Federation Commander: New ships for the Klingons (D6J penal cruiser and F5J penal frigate), Romulans (KC7R heavy battlecruiser), and Federation (new plasma cruiser). There are also two ship cards worth of ground bases.

New ships for Starmada: Orion Battle Raider (disruptor and plasma versions) and war destroyer (disruptor and plasma versions). The Starmada section is in B&W.