Captain's Log #43

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"We shall deal to our enemies a just measure of fear!" – Romulan Praetor Crellus Antonius

Join us for Captain's Log #43 and find out about the fate of the Alfred the Great, one of two Federation ships responding to attacks on Federation border outposts. "Flotilla Commander 2" is a sequel to the story "Flotilla Commander" that was in Captain's Log #30; Lieutenant Terrick Korrell and his 747th Flotilla have a dangerous mission to accomplish.

Captain's Log #43 includes fiction and information for all of our games including updates, new ships, the crew roster for a Federation frigate, class histories for the Federation fast destroyer and new light cruiser, and new scenarios.

Star Fleet Battles: This game gains five new scenarios, information on the metamorph, Campaigns Update (Operation Unity, taking into account Module C3A), Proposals Board, Ask Growler, Victory Online by Ken Lin, Omega Octant Primer, Battlegroup and new ships (the Federation new fast escort cruiser and fast destroyer escort, Hydran Heavy Knight Destroyer, Inter-Stellar Concordium transport frigate and space control pods, and Barbarian battleship).

Federation Commander: You will find three new scenarios and new ships for the Klingons (D6J penal cruiser and F5J penal frigate), Romulans (KC7R heavy battlecruiser), and Federation (new plasma cruiser). There are also rules and ship cards for ground bases. Patrick Doyle also wrote an article on photon torpedo tactics.

Federation & Empire: This game has a new rule for auxiliary combatant warships, Q&A, tactical notes, rules and rulings, and new ships.

Starmada: Four new Orion ships are provided.

And there are still more articles: Ten questions, Awards, Command the Future, Input Guide, Why, Proposals Board, Background Questions, Galactic Conquest, rules for the dice game Alien World Survival, and five new action cards for Star Fleet Battle Force.

Supports Federation Commander, Star Fleet Battles, Federation & Empire, Prime Directive, Star Fleet Battle Force, SFB Galactic Conquest, and Star Fleet Warlord.

The colorized SSDs from this issue are sold separately as is the Supplemental File (which includes the Origins 2011 reports, more battle groups, and more new ships for Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, and Starmada).