Captain's Log #40

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Its existence was not complicated by reasoning or poetry, by music and art, or by angst and hate. That was not the nature of the beast.

Join us for Captain’s Log #40 and discover "The Nature of the Beast"! The USS Colin Powell, a Federation GVX survey ship, has encountered the first known space manta, a dangerous monster. Unable to find any way to destroy the creature, the captain must expend the lives of his pilots to gain as much information as he can before the space manta destroys his ship!

Captain's Log #40 includes fiction, tournament reports, and information for all of our games including updates, new ships, new rules, and new scenarios.

Star Fleet Battles This game gains six new scenarios, new SSDs (Romulan variants of the F5W, Tholian heavy police units, WYN LTT, Old M81 Galaxy pirates), information about Starswarm monster, an update to Patrol Scenarios (S8), Victory at Origins 2008 by Paul Scott, term papers, Triaxian primer, Q&A, and much more.

Federation Commander You will find three new scenarios, six new ships including two new empires (Frax and the Old Galaxy Pirates), stasis field generators, command notes, and Command at Origins 2007 by Paul Scott.

Federation & Empire This game gains a new playtest rule (computer-controlled ships), Q&A, tactical notes, and new ships.

Klingon Armada: Tactics, example of play, a new scenario, four new ships.

And there are still more articles: Ten questions, Awards, After-action, Command the Future, Input Guide, Why, Proposals Board, Background Questions, Galactic Conquest, Klingon Imperial Line, and SFBF Terrain Cards.

Supports Federation Commander, Star Fleet Battles, Federation & Empire, Prime Directive, Star Fleet Battle Force, SFB Galactic Conquest, and Star Fleet Warlord.

Colorized SSDs from this issue are sold separately, as is the Supplemental File.