Captain's Log #38 Supplement

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This 28-page booklet includes interesting and useful information about the main Captain's Log #38 issue, as well as supplementary materials.

Included are:

  • the designer notes for Captain's Log #38
  • The 2008 Origins reports
  • A fiction story showing the other side of the story in the main issue
  • A short story about Hydrans in the Early Years
  • Detailed after-action reports (for Captain's Log #37, SFB Module Omega Five, SFB Module X1R)
  • Rejected papers (term papers, command notes, tactics notes; along with why they were rejected)
  • More from Admiral Growler
  • A tactics article on Magellanics
  • And more Battlegroups try to Stop the Juggernaut

Written by Ken Burnside / Mike West / Stephen Cole / Jean Sexton / Chuck Strong / Steven P. Petrick / Michael C. Grafton / Scott Moellmer / Michael E. Stiles / James McCubbin / Paul Stovell / Jeff Wile / Tony Thomas