Captain's Log #38 Color SSDs

Amarillo Design Bureau SKU: ADB5738-3C



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The SSDs from Captain's Log #38 are now available in color. Check out these ships.

New ships for Star Fleet Battles: Early Years cargo and security skiffs, sublight cargo and security skiffs, Paravian Aerie remote outpost and Early Years civilian base station, Romulan Early Years bomber and fighter ground bases, Romulan sublight bomber and fighter squadrons, armed recovery transport, Federation dreadnought heavy carrier, and the Hydran refitted Templar early dreadnought. The Federation Commander Federation old heavy cruiser and BCP battlecruiser are suitable for use with Star Fleet Battles.

New ships for Federation Commander: Federation old heavy cruiser, BCP battlecruiser, light tactical transport; Klingon D5H light tactical transport; Kzinti light tactical transport; and Lyran light tactical transport.

Written by Stephen Cole