Captain's Log #36

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"No one tries to kill me without me trying to kill them. Perhaps an oblique attack and face full of disruptors will teach them that little fact?"

"Web of Deceit" is the story of a Seltorian task force led by Wind of Ordained Retribution in hunt of a Tholian force led by Guardian. The Seltorians' hatred and rage toward the Tholians is legendary. The Klingons aboard the IKV Maelstrom and Orion Pirates in False Arrest can only watch as the forces close for a fight to the death!

Also included are a history of Hydran dreadnoughts, the lost futures of the Omega Octant empires, deck plans for the Romulan Snipe, and everything you ever wanted to know about Igneous. There are new scenarios for Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, and Federation & Empire. Other articles include Victory at Origins Saturday Patrol 2007, Federation Commander Basic Battleship Tactics, testplay cards for Star Fleet Battle Force, and the usual tactical papers for Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, and Federation & Empire.

New ships for Star Fleet Battles: Federation Advanced Technology (Old) Light Cruiser; Klingon D6L Command Cruiser and C10V Heavy Carrier; Romulan ViperHawk Interdiction Carrier, SkyHawk-R Fast Carrier Resupply Ship, K4F Fast Carrier Resupply Ship, and KRU Interdiction Carrier; Kzinti Scout Destroyer; Gorn Battle Destroyer Fast Carrier Resupply Ship; Tholian War Cruiser Leader; Hydran Pocket Survey Cruiser and D7HX (Anarchist) Advanced Technology Cruiser; Lyran JagdPanther Advanced Technology Light Cruiser; and WYN War Cruiser Leader.

New ships for Federation Commander: Gorn Heavy Command Destroyer, Lyran Jaguar War Cruiser Leader, Kzinti Medium Command Cruiser, Federation Light Command Cruiser, Klingon D5L War Cruiser Leader, Tholian War Cruiser Leader, WYN Cluster War Cruiser Leader.

Supports Federation Commander, Star Fleet Battles, Federation & Empire, Prime Directive, Star Fleet Battle Force, SFB Galactic Conquest, and Star Fleet Warlord.

Colorized SSDs from this issue are sold separately.

Written by Stephen Cole