Captain's Log #34

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120 pages of fun and exciting information for Star Fleet Universe fans.

  • Fiction: For the Good of the Empire. In one of the more curious battles, we find an Orion pirate protecting a Klingon freighter from a Klingon frigate while a Klingon police ship tries to arrest the pirate. What's going on? How did these four ships get here? Is anything any of them are doing actually for the good of the empire?
  • For SFB: four new scenarios, 14 new ships, victory at origins, more tactics articles, Carrier campaing update, Mind Monster Update, Term Papers, Growler, Anarchist Magellanics, and more.
  • For FedComm: Victory at Origins, new scenario, eight new ships.
  • For Fed & Empire: Alternate Romulan history, every question you can imagine about Devastation and Residual Defense Factors, Tactical Notes, and the truth about PFs.
  • Updates on: conventions, marketing, new products, after action, starline miniatures, FCOL, SFBOL, FCPBEM, SFBPBEM, Warlord, Galactic Conquest, Prime Directive, SFBF, SFC, 10 questions for Vanessa, medals and awards, and much more.

Written by Stephen Cole