Captain's Log #32

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"Don't forget the popcorn." – Doctor Joan Raddock, GIA analyst

Released in June 2006, this Captain's Log issue supports Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, and Federation & Empire. "Circle of Vengeance" by Randy O. Green has Klingons, Hydrans, and Vudar ships fighting a battle in an asteroid field. Will their fear, hate, and distrust find an end? "The Last Command," also by Green, follows a Carnivon in command of a Bear-Dog dreadnought.

In addition to the story, History includes information on nobility titles and an article on Tholian military ranks.

As is usual, Communications informs readers about the company's activities. Captain's Log #31 and SFB Module F2 have after-action reports. The company laid out its plans for new print releases and metal miniatures for the coming year, including the new Federation Commander. There are questions and answers about that new, faster-playing game. The Input Guide has guidelines for submissions to Federation Commander. Proposals for Star Fleet Battles are presented. Admiral Growler answers SFB questions. More "Why" questions get answered. There is a page of folk songs. Finally, there are the Star Fleet Awards.

Federation Commander has prototype rules from Romulan Border. The first tactics papers appear. Finally, there is an example of play for the game. Later in the issue, the scenario "Sabotage!" provides a battle opportunity between the Klingons and the Federation.

This issue includes five scenarios for Star Fleet Battles. SL241, Circle of Vengeance, and SL242, Last Command, are based on the two stories in the issue. Set during the Early Years, SL236, Web of Curiosity, involves an encounter between the Tholians and Klingons. SL243, Network Disruption, is tied to the Battle Group scenario that features the fleet of one of the Galactic Powers facing the Andromedans. SL244, Hearth and Home, has the Hydrans facing a Coalition fleet of Klingons and Lyrans. Based in the Omega Octant, Dragonslayer (SL245) has an Iridani clipper facing a Branthodon young dragonship.

Database articles include battlegroups designed with 800 points and the optional use of partial X-refits. There is an article on the cosmic cloud. Kosnett's war is updated from its appearance in Advanced Missions. There is a guide for converting captured Klingon ships to fit into Lyran fleets and vice versa.

The Tactics section has "Victory at Origins 2005," by Ken Lin. The primer focuses on the Drex, located in the Omega Octant. There are three pages of term papers, including some encore term papers.

The Venues section covers Star Fleet Command, SFB On-Line, playing by email, Galactic Conquest, Star Fleet Warlord, Prime Directive, and Star Fleet Battle Force.

Federation & Empire has a status update along with rules and rulings. There are four pages of tactical notes. Finally, there is the Q&A section.

New ships are added for Star Fleet Battles. The Klingons get "collared" ships: DC7 collared battlecruiser and the DC5 collared war cruiser. The Vudar gain more ships with their command cruiser, advanced technology command cruiser, fast carrier resupply frigate, X-scout, and supply cruiser. The Vudar also get a medium bomber squadron, heavy bomber squadron, and bases for both types of bombers. The Federation receives its (old) light scout cruiser and its (old) heavy fighter carrier. The Klingons get a refitted captured Lyran war cruiser and Lyran destroyer. Conversely, the Lyrans get a refitted captured Klingon D5 war cruiser and Klingon F5 frigate. Federation Commander gets new ship cards for the Romulan King Eagle cruiser and K7R battlecruiser and the Gorn battle destroyer and battlecruiser. These four ships are in fleet scale.

Written by Stephen Cole