Captain's Log #30

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"And again, my young fellow, you have done your duty to my satisfaction. I need you to stop wasting time, however, with all this sleeping. You can sleep when you are dead, so hurry up and get in shape" – Commodore Korath

Released in November 2004, this Captain's Log issue supports Star Fleet Battles and Federation & Empire. "The Threads of War" by Loren Knight tells the story of Korgan who boards an Orion raider to inspect its cargo and everything goes terribly wrong. In "Flotilla Commander" by Stephen V. Cole, Lieutenant Kerrell takes command of a G1 gunboat flotilla in mid-battle. In the next battle, can he and his flotilla pull out a victory?

In addition to the story, History includes an article on the crew of a Klingon gunboat and deck plans for the Klingon G1L gunboat leader. There is also a class history of the Gorn carriers. The Federation A-6 attack shuttle is also discussed.

As is usual, Communications is designed to inform readers about the company's activities. On-demand printing is affecting how the company functions. After Action reports are on Captain's Log #29 and SFB Module R8 and Module R9. The company laid out its plans for releases both in print and for miniatures for the coming year. The Input Guide is about the bridge crew. Admiral Growler answers SFB questions; More "Why" questions get answered. This section is rounded out with humor and staff awards.

This issue includes four scenarios for Star Fleet Battles. SL230 Threads of War is based on the cover story. SL231 Kerrell's Flotilla is based on the other short story. SL232 Do or Die at Breakaway Station is a faceoff between the Galactic Powers and the Andromedans. SL23 Dawn of the Scout is an Early Years encounter between the Federation and Kzintis.

Database articles include battlegroups designed with fighters and PFs (gunboats). There is an article on the Space Amoeba. Operation Unity is updated to allow for ships described since the publication of Module C3.

New ships and a base are added for Star Fleet Battles. Everyone gets the Advanced Technology X-Sector Base and the Heavy Auxiliary Troop Transport. Some empires get new police ships with the Federation Police Light Carrier, Kzinti Police Escort Carrier, Tholian Police Carrier, and Orion National Police Flagship. The Romulans get their FarHawk-K Heavy Cruiser and FarHawk-B Heavy Carrier. New heavy war cruisers hit the scene with the Romulan GryphonHawk Medium Cruiser, Lyran Jaguar-H Heavy War Cruiser, Kzinti Heavy Medium Cruiser, and Gorn New Heavy Destroyer. The Andromedans get their Immobilator Monitor and Concretor Monitor. Finally, there are the captured ships: the Gorn Hellcat Heavy Battlecruiser, Gorn Alleycat War Destroyer, Lyran Dragon Heavy Battlecruiser, and Lyran Reptile War Destroyer.

The Tactics section has primers for the Trobrins, Qixa, and Carnivons. Uncle Ardak explains when to deploy a drogue. There are four pages of term papers, another page with encore term papers, and a final page of general term papers.

The Venues section covers Star Fleet Command, SFB On-Line, playing by email, Galactic Conquest (with an article by Rob Callaway on the Six Power War), Star Fleet Warlord, GURPS Prime Directive, and Star Fleet Battle Force.

Federation & Empire has an after-action report for Planetary Operations. There are three pages of Tactical Notes. Rules from Strategic Operations include Hospital Ships, Diplomacy, and Corps of Engineers. Finally, there are rules and rulings.

Written by Stephen Cole