Captain's Log #29

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"How many Romulans will die today before we destroy this interloper?" – Ante-Commander Raxx Casifax

Released in May, 2004, this Captain's Log issue supports Star Fleet Battles and Federation & Empire. "A Mission of Vital Importance" by Randy O. Green is the story of how tactical warp was first denied to the Romulans.

In addition to the story, History includes an article on the Romulan imperial line and another discussing the realities of what actually forms a brigade in the Star Fleet Universe.

As is usual, Communications is designed to inform readers about the company's activities. After Action reports are on Captain's Log #27 and Captain's Log #28. The concept of "alpha gamer" is discussed; in many ways these activities support the front-line Rangers. The Input Guide is designed to help writers and other people submitting material get their ideas into print. Admiral Growler answers SFB questions; Steve Cole answers questions about the schedule. More "Why" questions get answered. This section is rounded out with photos of the new Starline 2400 miniatures, proposals that were rejected, information about the Star Fleet Rangers, and staff awards.

This issue includes five scenarios for Star Fleet Battles. SL225 A Mission of Vital Importance is based on the cover story. SL226 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Virus is set in the Omega Octant. SL227 Sitting Birds has Romulans facing Klingons. SL228 Klingons for the Defense has Klingons defending against a Federation raid. SL229 One Corner of Hell is a Gorn-Romulan faceoff.

Database articles include battlegroups designed to assault the Tholian Holdfast. There is an article defining the relationships between various Omega Octant empires. More information is provided of the fighters that Cygnus designed. There is also an article giving guidance on playing the scenario Rebel Reduction.

Some Tholian SSDs were updated to better match their miniatures including the Tholian dreadnought, Photon Dreadnought, DPW Dreadnought, Dreadnought Carrier, Dreadnought Space Control Ship, and Heavy Dreadnought. New transports include the Klingon E4T, Kzinti Transport Frigate, Gorn Destroyer Transport, Hydran Transport Frigate, Lyran Cheetah-T, and Lyran Alleycat-T. Then there are the captured ships: Hydran-Lyran War Cruiser, Hydran-Lyran War Destroyer, Lyran-Hydran Medium Cruiser, and Lyran-Hydran War Destroyer.

There are deck plans for the Federation Express, Inter-Stellar Concordium cards for Star Fleet Battle Force, rules for Hydrans converting captured Lyran ships, and rules for Lyrans converting captured Hydran ships. Finally there is an article on the Planet Crusher, sometimes called the Planet Killer.

The Venues include Star Fleet Warlord, SFB Online, Play by E-Mail, Star Fleet Command, and Galactic Conquest. Tactics includes Victory at Origins 1995 and Victory at Origins 97, both articles by Tom Carroll. There are six pages of Term Papers.

Federation & Empire gets a draft rule for megafighters, a look at proposals for the game, and some new rules for the then future product Planetary Operations. There are five pages of Tactical Notes. Finally there are after-action reports and rules and rulings.

Written by Stephen Cole