Captain's Log #28

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"Is this a deception or have the Tholians really created such a monster?"

Released in April, 2004, this Stellar Shadows issue (the information is fun, but not historically accurate) supports Star Fleet Battles, Federation & Empire, Star Fleet Battle Force, and Prime Directive, albeit through the lens of Stellar Shadows. From an alternate timeline come the Paravians who destroyed the Gorns and made war on the Romulans, Federation, and Inter-Stellar Concordium.

It you thought the Paravians made the Early Years dangerous, just wait until you see what their new ships can do to the General War. A full range of ships from dreadnought to frigate rampage across the galaxy, returning to the huge mothership only to deposit their loot and reload for further battle.

History includes "Step into My Parlour," by Loren Knight. Do the Tholians have a battleship or is it smoke and mirrors? Commander Korgan, accused of cowardice, must uncover the truth in order to save his career, and even his very life. A lost Federation memo exposes the real cause of the General War and the law of unintended consequences. And check out the history of these Federation destroyers!

Fifty new ships include bomber barges, Federation multi-engine warships, gunfighter frigates, the four-engine Klingon BC8 dreadnought, Romulan assault cruiser, Gorn base buster and destroyer-dreadnought, Tholian conversions for a D7 and C8, WYN conversions of just about every lost frigate that they could get their hands on as well as conversions of lost Andromedan ships, and Seltorian penal ships.

Workshop of the Mad Scientists includes these concepts: plasmatron, accelerated plasma, plasma launch while cloaked, plasma-B (125 points!), armored fighters, Gorn modular bombers, and warp gearshift.

GURPS Prime Directive discovers the deadly tribble launcher! How much havoc could tribbles wreak when lobbed amongst Klingons?

Star Fleet Battle Force suggests you play a no-limit, Klingon Hold ’em game. Go all in with a pair of dreadnoughts as the High Energy Turn card doubles your drone strike.

Federation & Empire gets all the data they need from this issue and Stellar Shadows #1.

And of course, there is more in each section than we have space to list.

Written by Stephen Cole