Captain's Log #27

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"Commodore, we have intercepted and decoded a message from a Rimworld patrol. They have encountered an Andromedan ship, Dominator class, in the system. The colony is now broadcasting a distress message and is requesting our assistance."

Released in November 2003, this issue supports Star Fleet Battles, Federation & Empire, Star Fleet Battle Force, Star Fleet Warlord, SFB Galactic Conquest, and Prime Directive and includes the classic story "Rimworld."

HISTORY includes "Rimworld," by Randy O. Green. The General War is over, but a new conflict is set to begin as the deadly Andromedan invaders attack the planet Rimworld, home to both Gorn and Federation colonies. As a squadron sacrifices itself to buy time, a fast cruiser and even Romulans race to the scene as commandos, including a Kzinti, board the Dominator. There is also a class history on Federation fast cruisers and light dreadnoughts. An article on Hydran military decorations and a map of the Milky Way Galaxy round out the section.

COMMUNICATIONS includes information about new products, 10 questions for Paul Scott, after-action reports, proposals, why, ask Admiral Growler, input guide, and Starline 2400 miniatures.

VENUES includes Star Fleet Warlord, Star Fleet Command, SFB Galactic Conquest, Prime Directive, Play by Email, and SFB Online.

DATABASE remains the place for new material. Battle Group Carrier Group, Brothers of the Anarchist, and an article on DefSats support Star Fleet Battles. Lyrans come to Star Fleet Battle Force. And GURPS Prime Directive gets deck plans for the Federation Burke-class Frigate and the Klingon G1 Gunboat.

SCENARIOS includes two new ones for Star Fleet Battles (SL223 to SL224).

TACTICS includes Victory at Origins by Paul Scott, an article on Auroran tactics, and ten pages of Term Papers, including sections on tractors and plasma.

The FEDERATION & EMPIRE section includes official rules and rulings along with the Origins wish list, proposals, after-action reports for Combined Operations, tactical notes, and some playtest rules.

The NEW SHIPS for SFB section has 16 new ships including Federation modular light dreadnought and fast fleet scout; the Gorn destroyer-battlecruiser and destroyer-cruiser; the ISC contingency ships: dreadnought, cruiser, strike cruiser, light cruiser, and destroyer; Frax heavy dreadnought, light dreadnought, fast cruiser, and patrol carrier; and the Anarchist ships: Federation King Eagle, Federation FireHawk-K, Romulan captured heavy cruiser, and Romulan captured light cruiser.

Written by Stephen Cole