Captain's Log #26

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Falshin estimated that – in about thirty hours – he and the governor would be dead or prisoners of the Gorns.

Released in June 2003, this issue supports Star Fleet Battles, Federation & Empire, Star Fleet Battle Force, Star Fleet Warlord, SFB Galactic Conquest, and Prime Directive and includes two stories.

HISTORY includes "Rescue the Kishawk," by John A. Picheco, in which the Romulans and Gorns clash. "For the Honor of the Flag" by Mark Tippet has a lone Federation dreadnought standing against a Klingon squadron in order to prevent the annihilation of the Third Fleet’s vital logistical convoy. An article on the Kzinti strike carriers and a detailed diagram of Klingon phaser fire controls complete the section.

COMMUNICATIONS continues as a department. This includes:

  • Service awards
  • 10 questions
  • After-action reports
  • Why
  • Humor
  • Ask Admiral Growler
  • And Starline 2400 miniatures.

VENUES includes:

  • Star Fleet Warlord
  • Star Fleet Command
  • SFB Galactic Conquest
  • Play by Email
  • And SFB Online.

DATABASE remains the place for new SFB material, including:

  • Battle Group 900
  • Shipyard Report
  • New special rules and terrain for Star Fleet Battle Force
  • Information about GURPS Prime Directive (an article about the Klingon justice system)
  • and Brothers of the Anarchist.

SCENARIOS includes six new ones (SL217 to SL222) and T11, a mini-campaign.

TACTICS includes Victory at Origins by Paul Scott, an article on Ryn tactics, and over five pages of Term Papers.

The FEDERATION & EMPIRE section includes official rules and rulings along with Q&A, a scenario, after-action reports for Advanced Operations, tactical notes, and some playtest rules.

The NEW SHIPS section for SFB contains sixteen new models including:

  • the Tholian heavy fighter resupply pack
  • Federation:
    • GVX
    • heavy fighter pod
    • and scout pod
  • Klingon:
    • heavy fighter resupply pod
    • PF transport pod
    • and a medium hangar pod
  • Kzinti:
    • CDX
    • scout pod
    • heavy fighter resupply pod
    • and PF transport pod
  • Gorn:
    • scout pod,
    • heavy fighter resupply pod
    • and PF transport pod
  •  Hydran:
    • Boar Hunter commando DW
    • advanced fighter resupply ship
    • heavy fighter resupply pallet
    • and PT transport pallet
  • and Lyran:
    • scout pod
    • heavy fighter resupply pod and pallet
    • and PF transport pod and pallet.

Written by Stephen Cole