Captain's Log #24

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"Attach tractor!" the captain snarled. "Hold the plant-eaters in place!"

Released in June 2002, this issue supports Star Fleet Battles, Federation & Empire, Star Fleet Battle Force, Star Fleet Warlord and Prime Directive and includes two stories.

HISTORY includes "Flashpoint," by noted SFU author John Sickels, in which the Kzinti-Federation war starts. "Jason and the Dilithium Fleece" by Jim Davies has Federation and Orion Pirate ships with a dash of space sheep. Articles on the Kzinti patriarchs and Cygnus complete the section.

COMMUNICATIONS continues as a department. This includes:

  • Service awards
  • 10 questions
  • After-action reports
  • Why
  • Humor
  • Ask Admiral Growler
  • And Starline 2400 miniatures.

VENUES includes:

  • Star Fleet Warlord
  • Star Fleet Command
  • Galactic Conquest
  • Play by Email
  • And SFB Online.

DATABASE remains the place for new SFB material, including:

  • Battle Group 600
  • Shipyard Report
  • New playtest rules and cards for Star Fleet Battle Force
  • Information about GURPS Prime Directive including an article about the Klingon Empire and some of the species that live within it
  • Information about Star Fleet awards and medals
  • And Brothers of the Anarchist.

SCENARIOS includes six new ones (SL205 to SL210).

TACTICS includes Victory at FurryCon by Andy Richardson, an article on Worb tactics, and over five pages of Term Papers.

The FEDERATION & EMPIRE section includes:

  • A rule on downgraded substitutions
  • Official rules and rulings along with Q&A
  • A scenario
  • A Marine Assault update
  • Tactical notes
  • And information about the new carriers.

The NEW SHIPS section for SFB contains 16 new models including:

  • Anarchist
  • Middle Years Cygnans
  • Iridani Quest ships from the Omega Octant
  • Upgraded Federation police ships
  • And advanced Kzinti escorts.

Written by Stephen Cole