Captain's Log #23

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Her first command was ending in disaster.

Released in November 2001, this issue is full of good information for Star Fleet Battles, Federation & Empire, Star Fleet Battle Force, and Prime Directive and includes two gripping stories.

HISTORY includes "First Blood" by Shelley Stuart, in which a Federation frigate is in a battle against a Romulan FireHawk and an Orion Battle Raider. "Not Good Friends" by Scott Moellmer is one of the few to include X-ships from the Inter-Stellar Concordium and Hydran Kingdom, facing Andromedans. An article on the development of the standard small freighter completes the section.

COMMUNICATIONS continues as a department. This includes:

  • Service awards
  • Notes for judges
  • 10 questions
  • After-action reports
  • An X-ship rules article
  • Proposals
  • Why
  • A definition of what we consider playtest
  • Input guide
  • A template for SFB rules
  • Humor
  • Ask Admiral Growler
  • And Starline 2400 miniatures.

VENUES includes Star Fleet Warlord, Star Fleet Command, Galactic Conquest, Play by Email, and SFB Online.

DATABASE remains the place for new SFB material, including:

  • New playtest rules for the Omega Sector particle splitter torpedo for the Vari
  • New Vari ships
  • New playtest rules for the Triangulum Galaxy
  • An Early Years update
  • Battle Group 700 (including some for the Omega Octant and simulators)
  • Shipyard Report
  • New playtest rules and cards for Star Fleet Battle Force (and a scenario where you can use the deck you already have)
  • an introduction to GURPS Prime Directive
  • deck plans for a Free Trader
  • information about Star Fleet awards and medals
  • And Brothers of the Anarchist.

SCENARIOS includes five new ones (SL200 to SL204).

TACTICS includes Victory at Origins 2001 by Vince Weibert, an article on Maesron tactics, and nine pages of Term Papers.

The FEDERATION & EMPIRE section includes:

  • Playtest rules for the Jindarians
  • Official rules and rulings along with Q&A
  • A scenario
  • Tactical notes
  • And playtest rules for colonial development and operational bases.

NEW SHIPS for SFB include:

  • Early freighters and civilian base station
  • Small medical freighter with a ducktail
  • Large freighter with skids and a ducktail
  • Klingon captured Federation heavy cruiser
  • Vari (Omega):
    • command cruiser
    • torpedo cruiser
    • wing cruiser
    • and torpedo frigate
  • And Imperium (Triangulum):
    • heavy cruiser
    • light cruiser
    • destroyer
    • and frigate.

Written by Stephen Cole