Captain's Log #22

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Our family will not be dishonored; our home will not be soiled. My blood is pure.

— Klingon traditional saying.

Released in May 2001, this issue is full of good information for Star Fleet Battles and Federation & Empire and includes two of our most popular stories.

HISTORY includes:

  • "Fight Fire with Fire" by John Sickles, in which a Klingon probe into Tholian space meets with unexpected resistance
  • "A Plague on Their Houses" by Scott Moellmer is a story of revenge – or treachery, depending on your point of view
  • Articles on Federation defense battalions and the Klingon C7 heavy battlecruiser class history round out the section.

COMMUNICATIONS continues as a department. This includes:

  • Service awards
  • Notes for judges
  • Information for Star Fleet Rangers
  • After-action reports
  • Input guide on SSDs
  • Proposals
  • Why
  • An introduction to Star Fleet Battle Force
  • Ask Admiral Growler
  • And Starline 2400 miniatures.

VENUES includes:

  • Star Fleet Warlord
  • Star Fleet Command
  • Play by Email
  • And SFB Online.

DATABASE remains the place for new SFB material, including articles on:

  • The Omega Sector fast patrol ships
  • Early Years update
  • Battle Group 550
  • Early Years ships
  • Shipyard report
  • Prime Directive
  • Brothers of the Anarchist
  • And an example of speed changes in combat.

SCENARIOS includes seven new ones (SL193 to SL199).

TACTICS includes Patrol Victory at Origins 2000 by Kevin Block-Schwenk, an article on Qari tactics, and nine pages of Term Papers.

The FEDERATION & EMPIRE section includes:

  • News about the planned F&E Advanced Operations expansion
  • The Red-WYN Express for F&E
  • Strategic information
  • Q&A
  • Tactics articles
  • And proposed new rules.

NEW SHIPS for SFB include:

  • The Gorn DNC
  • Federation FCF
  • Tholian CWV
  • Lyran DWG and DDE
  • The first Omega PFs and PFTs
  • Early Years Lyrans
  • Auxiliary scouts
  • And drone ships – 20 ships in all.

Written by Stephen Cole